Hypnotherapy: How to Prepare for Your First Session

  • hatever your reasons for coming to therapy - smoking cessation, weight loss, stress, etc. - there are things you can do to make it make it more effective. Of course, it largely boils down to your hypnotherapist's expertise, but you obviously have a part to play.

Here are ways to prepare for that crucial first session:

> Wear something comfortable.

We always want to be comfortable in our clothes, but if you're going to hypnotherapy session for the first time, it's a must. Your body should be able to relax completely, avoiding any possible cause of distraction.

> Don't come with an empty tummy.

The idea is to keep your body from going into a fight or flight mode when your blood sugar dips. Atlanta hypnosis can easily neutralize this anyway, but it's still best to come with a nice blood sugar level because it helps ease you into a deeper state. Try to drink a cup of coffee two hours before your session.

> Write down your dreams.

Writing down your dreams helps you with imagery, so you're more likely to have a more vivid session.

> List down your reasons and goals for therapy.

There are three reasons for this: it helps you organize your thoughts; it allows you to express yourself while detaching from your issues and describing them objectively; and it puts your hypnotherapist and you on the same page. Read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypnotherapy to understand more about hypnosis.

> Read up on hypnotherapy.

It always pays to know what you're getting into. It keeps you from having unrealistic expectations and helps you make the most out of the experience.

> Keep your mind open.

Truth be told, nothing can tell you what hypnosis really is except an experience of it. People can only describe how it is, but only you can tell what it really is. Atlanta's best hypnosis has been scientifically proven to work, but you still control what exactly you want to do with it.

> Picture the best results.

The mind is an incredibly powerful creator. Things are not going to happen right then and there, but your mind will rewire itself such that you will start to make things happen yourself. Things will change and you will realize what power your mind has over your entire existence.

Again, the effects of hypnotherapy are mainly dependent on the ability of the hypnotherapist, so don't pick anyone without doing prior research. Look for experience, specialty and professional accreditation. If everything checks out, book your first session and start preparing.